Networks by Design is a California Medical Provider Network of over 30,000 healthcare professionals and facilities that serve our clients of Insurers, Administrators, and Self-Insured Employers across the state. We customize the network for each client to personalize the experience align cost containment provisions with quality improvement. 

Patient Experience - Quality and Satisfaction

Improved Individual and Population Health

Reduces per Capita Cost of Healthcare



NBD’s mission is to continuously create leading-edge solutions that advance our network providers' ability to improve the delivery of medical services. To reach that objective requires continuous optimization of practice workflows, access to efficient diagnostic tools, incorporation of new and updated care protocols, enhanced patient communication tools that generate the best possible treatment outcomes.


Our vision is to produce the greatest value for providers, patients, and payers in the State of California and to continue our stewardship in Group Health, Workers Comp, and Integrated Primary-Care Behavioral Health models.  We will do this through the use of data interoperability and empowering our providers with tools to adapt to today’s practice environment. 


The NBD inConnect portal demonstrates our commitment to quality and efficiency by increasing our digital footprint and competencies to support our providers, promote communication responsiveness, and ensure comprehensiveness and continuity of care.   



  • Support participating providers with clinical tools

  • Provide clients quantifiable value year-over-year

  • Increase patient access to healthcare