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inConnect  Portal

Prior Authorizations



Identify fast-track services

Track with U/R and U/M

Improve scheduling and check-in

Customize care plans with knowledge of approved services

Identify whether the treatment falls within evidence-based medical standards.

The NBD inConnect Prior Authorization allows doctors to get real-time authorization status, identify whether a treatment falls within evidence-based medical standards of care, and determine if covered under the policies. This directs staff and resources to more value-added activities. Rather than wait several days for decisions via fax, check status indicated by a green, yellow, or red light.

  • View or download Utilization Review letter

  • Doctors can add notes throughout the authorization period

  • Permits case management approvals and extensions of services

  • Automatically identifies Fast Track services (approved without exception)

In combination with the other inConnect Portal tools, the Prior Authorization aspect is part of a turnkey portal that helps doctors adapt to today’s digital healthcare environment.