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What is NBD inConnect™?

NBD inConnect™ is a secure communiation portal provided by Networks by Design. It's offered to all NBD participating providers as a member benefit. If you are a member, you've received a secure email with information how to register and use the portal. If you have not registered yet, please click here to register. If you have already registered and have more questions about the NBD inConnect portal, please contact Bonnie Sequeira at NBD 209-229-8537 x225 or email us.

How does the NBD inConnect™ portal work?

It works alongside your EMR with functionality (that your EMR does not have!) to increase workflow efficiency when registering patients, using telemedicine, collecting forms and risk assessments, ordering labwork, referring patients, and much much more. If you are a Networks by Design participating provider you have received a secure email with instructions on how to register. If you have not registered yet, click here to register. If you have registered and would like instructions or tips for how to use the portal call Bonnie Sequiera at 209-229-8537 x225 or email us.

How does this improve practice (and network) performance?

The network has a duty to promote its providers. The providers have a duty to perform to standard of care. In this precision medicine age, there is an expectation for us to respond to an always-on society and highly personalized care. These tools help providers meet expectations and serve the best interest of patients. As a result patients report higher satisfaction and the customer experiences better health and economic outcomes.

What is the purpose of the NBD inConnect™ portal?

The purpose: NBD invested in its IT infrastructure to deliver value to its members. The value is access to highly effective, comprehensive, responsive healthcare! In today's environment, access to care requires technology. A network-wide secure communications infrastructure with embedded tools enable participating providers faster response time, ability to meet patients where they are and direct resources at a touch of a button.

Can I refer a colleague?

How do I sign up for training?

To register for NBD inConnect Directory, please click the link below. https://calendly.com/innovaredata/nbd-inconnect-directory To register for inConnect Portal Orientation, please click the link below. https://calendly.com/innovaredata/inconnect-portal-orientation

Is there a cost?

There is no cost for the portal or use of its clinical tools except for the telemedine data fees. If you use the telemedicine feature, portal data fees will apply. If you don't use the telemedicine feature no portal fees willl apply.

How does this interface with billing?

Any billable encountner conducted through the portal can be batched and exported to your biller in superbill format. The assessments, telemedicine encounters, review/interpretation of lab tests, medication management consultation, etc. can be properly documented here, and sent to billing queue.