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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NBD inConnect Portal™?

It's a secure provider portal available to all NBD participating providers as a member benefit. If you are a member, you've received information how to register and use the portal.

How does the NBD inConnect Portal™ work?

It works alongside your EMR with functionality (that your EMR does not have) to faciltiate digital workflows (like e-lab testing, e-referrals and document sharing, real-time prior-authorizations). Providers make up a panel that is marketed to payers who want to increase access to doctors who use clinical tools to improve outcomes, reduce cost and improve patient satisfaction.

How does the NBD inConnect Portal™ improve practice (and network) performance?

It improves practice performance by reducing practice overhead and increasing revenue. It improves network performance by enabling payers to see quantifiable improvements in cost and quality measures.

What is the value of the NBD inConnect Portal™?

It connects patients to highly effective, comprehensive, responsive healthcare! It connects providers to vendor services and transitions the practice to value-based contracts. In today's environment, access to care requires technology. A network-wide secure communications infrastructure with embedded tools enable participating providers faster response time, ability to meet patients where they are and direct resources at a touch of a button.

Can I refer a colleague?

The portal is a member benefit available to all participating providers. If interested in joining the Network or referring a colleage, please contact Network By Designs provider relations team.

How do I sign up for NBD inConnect Portal™ training?

Portal training is provided to registered providers only. Once registered, join a group meeting by clicking on the Go to Meeting icon at the top right of the website, choosing topic/date/time and signing up. Your registration will be verifed. Private training is available by request. Contacting Networks By Design Provider Relations team.

Top 3 reasons to use NBD inConnect Portal™ for telemedicine.

1. It's an end-to-end solution that links to existing workflows. 2. It's more affordable than other market options. 3. Providers who use the telemedicine feature will be included on an NBD telemedicine panel that is marketed to clients seeking local telehealthcare providers over national wrap networks.

How does NBD inConnect Portal™ interface with billing?

Billable encounters can be batched and exported to your biller in Superbill format. It links any number of providers to their respective clinics, locations and organizations.

What are the NBD inConnect Portal™ benefits?

As healthcare becomes more reliant on web-based technology and as contracts shift to VBR, the portal is a tangible way to for participating providers to improve practice conditions-- streamline workflows, increase visibility and access to services, reduce waste and cost of administration, add value to patient care.

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